Using Turris Omnia as Router for a Smart Home installation

As I describe in my blog about Smart Home, it is important to separate the IoT devices from your personally controlled systems and your data.

The OpenWRT/LEDE projects provide a Linux Embedded Development Environment which is a very good foundation for operating SOHO routers in a very flexible way. Due to it’s flexibility this environment assumes that the user is experienced dealing with Linux, networking and applications. Because this environment is work in progress the user should expect not all features and function to work. Nevertheless I have been working with OpenWRT based routers for many years and never experienced major issues.

When I was searching for an alternative for my old hardware I found an Indiegogo project which is based on OpenWRT/LEDE:

Turris Omnia: hi-performance & open-source router
More than just a router. The open-source center of your home.

From my point of view the Turris Omnia project brings major benefits over using vanilla OpenWRT/LEDE distributions on commodity routers:
  1. A custom build high performance hardware
    High power dual-core ARM CPU
    Up to 2GB RAM
    High network throughput
    8GB Flash
  2. An optimised distribution for that specific hardware
    Secure default configuration
    Easy Initial Setup
    Redirection to HoneyPots
  3. Online Updates to mitigate exploits
  4. Virtual Servers using LXC
    In this way you can separate workloads from the router OS and execute it directly on the router
Being already convinced about the Linux distribution for SOHO routers, I decided to use Turris Omnia for my Smart Home implementation. So I will explain individual configurations of the network, firewall and applications based on this system.
I am aware of the fact that there are many other possibilities to achieve the same functionality and my choice for using Turris Omnia is just based on my personal taste.

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